About You

In Utah, citizens play the leading role.

You elect us. You fund us. You live under the laws we create. Your tax dollars and fees pay for state priorities, to the tune of over $13 billion dollars per year.

You also evaluate us – with your vote and your participation in public discussions. We hope you do so fairly, with full information and insight into our work. It is essential that you not abdicate this responsibility.

We anticipate you will use this site and the tools linked here to form the kind of partnership that should exist between citizen and elected official.

Ready for more? Here are some tips to help you engage more actively in the process.

We like it when citizens engage, so we try to make the process easy – even though there are some real-world constraints on our time, especially during the legislative session.

Note that during the 'interim' – or the period from mid-March to mid-January when the senate is not in session – it may take a while for senators to receive letters that are sent here to the Capitol. Sometimes it's faster to use the address listed on the roster.

Thank you for your time, thought and attention. We look forward to working with you!

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