Pharmacist Dispensing Authority Amendments

During the 2018 General Session, Sen. Todd Weiler, sponsored SB 184, Pharmacist Dispensing Authority Amendments, which permitted a pharmacist to dispense a contraceptive under a standing prescription drug order.

“It’s just time to remove some of those artificial barriers," Weiler said in a recent Salt Lake Tribune article.

Over the past year, the Utah Department of Health has been working to come up with guidelines for dispensing contraceptives under this new method.

On March 27, 2019, the agency’s executive director issued a standing order allowing qualifying pharmacists to dispense contraceptives without a prescription. The goal is to reduce unwanted pregnancies in Utah.

"Women will be able to receive birth control pills, contraceptive patches, or vaginal rings from participating pharmacists after they complete a health history form, have their blood pressure taken, and talk with the pharmacist about which contraceptive method will work best for them. Women will be required to provide proof of a visit with their women’s health care provider every two years." Read more here.

Read SB 184 here: