Senate Education Confirmation Committee


It is the duty of the Utah Senate to confirm appointments made by the Governor.

Title 67, Chapter 1, Section 1 of the Utah Code states, “(The Governor) shall make appointments and fill vacancies as required by law.”

The process starts with the governor finding well-qualified, properly-vetted candidates for vacant public positions. These appointments can be judges, council members, board members, commissioners, etc.

Title 67, Chapter 1, Section 2 of the Utah Code, in summation says the once the governor has selected those candidates who will best serve the needs of Utahns, he writes a letter to the Utah Senate and to the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel to recommend candidates for confirmation.

Following the appointments of the governor, a committee hearing may be held in which a nominee, as well as the public, may offer statements and answer questions posed by Committee members. After the hearing, the Committee votes on whether to recommend confirmation of the nominee by the full Senate. The nominee is then considered by the Senate whether to consent the nomination(s).

See the list of appointment nominees the Senate Education Confirmation Committee considered on June 13, 2019 here.

Listen to the committee hearing here.