L.E.T.S. Stay Safe

Firearm safety is imperative to protecting children and students from accidental injuries and deaths.

In 2016, Sen. Todd Weiler and Sen. Dan McCay (who was a representative at the time) sponsored a bill S.B. 43, Firearm Safety and Violence Prevention in Public Schools, to create educational materials about firearm safety for students.

In collaboration, the Utah State Legislature, Utah Attorney General’s Office and Utah State Board of Education developed a program aimed to help teachers and parents teach firearm safety to children. “L.E.T.S. Stay Safe” teaches students the proper actions to take if they find a firearm. 


Leave it alone

Educate others

Tell an adult

Share threats against the school or other students with authorities

School resource officers and other peace officers may voluntary teach the pilot lesson program in 5th through 12th grades in school districts where the local school district or charter school approved it. All students may attend the class with prior written consent from a parent or legal guardian.

Program materials include a 5-minute educational video teaching children what to do when they find a gun or become aware of a threat at school. A 50-minute lesson plan, presentation, posters, handouts and a social media campaign.

Anyone is welcome to use the free firearm safety resources. Check out the L.E.T.S. Stay Safe materials here

Watch the press conference announcing the program on August 29, 2019 here

Program details are outlined in Utah State Code 53A-13-106.5.