The driver’s license of tomorrow?

February 11, 2019

Senator Fillmore on the Senate Floor

SB 100, sponsored by Sen. Lincoln Fillmore, seeks to provide an avenue for Utah to begin issuing electronic driver’s licenses.

The bill directs the Driver’s License Division to begin market research on the funding and processes required to implement such a program. If Utah were to offer an opt-in electronic driver’s license, we would be the second state, Louisiana being the other, in the nation to offer such an option. With a world revolving more and more around technology and digital payment options replacing the traditional paper and plastic currencies, Fillmore believes it only makes sense to do the same for driver’s licenses. A physical license would still be required by federal agencies; when getting on a plane, for example. The bill passed both the House and Senate, and was sent to the governor for his consideration. You can read or check out audio/video of the bill here. Tags: , , , , , , ,