Bill addresses the exploitation of vulnerable adults

March 4, 2019

SB 202, Vulnerable Adult Amendments, addresses those who take care of patients in a long-term situation. This legislation proposes amending definitions and offenses for certain forms of exploitation of a vulnerable adult including those applicable to abuse, neglect or exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Todd Weiler, would create the term “dependent adult,” generally referring to people over 18 who require some form of assisted living. It would also make it a third-degree felony for isolation by a caretaker of a dependent adult who is requesting visitation with family, friends, etc.

Additionally, SB 202 would make it an offense to exploit the personal dignity of a vulnerable adult. Caretakers who take and/or make public photos in various states of undress, compromising positions, etc. will be subject to prosecution. The bill passed both the House and Senate, and was sent to the governor for his consideration. You can read or check out audio/video of the bill here. Tags: , , , ,