Drive for cleaner air fuels Utah legislators

March 7, 2019

HCR 11, Concurrent Resolution Encouraging the Purchase of Tier 3 Gasoline, aims to improve vehicle emissions and air quality through encouragement of retailers and consumers to purchase Tier 3 gasoline.

Tier 3 gasoline, according to the EPA:

  • reduces the level of pollutants in fuel by roughly 80 percent

  • has a 70 percent stricter particulate matter (soot) standard

  • reduces fuel vapor emissions to near zero

  • reduces the amount of sulfur in gasoline by more than 60 percent (to no more than 10 parts per million).

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Dan Hemmert, recognizes the inherent benefits of the usage of Tier 3 gasoline and encourages purchase of this gasoline from three (of five) refineries having committed to produce this gasoline.

Vehicles are the single biggest contributor to air pollution in Utah, and legislators are always working to improve Utah’s air quality. Though no single bill will completely, permanently fix Utah’s air quality, this bill is another important step in the effort to improve the air for ourselves and our children. Both Governor Herbert and the Air Quality Policy Advisory Board have voiced their support for this bill. The bill passed both the Senate and House and has been drafted for enrollment. You can read, track and check out audio/video of the bill here. Tags: , , , , , , ,