Legislation STEMs from empowerment of women

March 7, 2019

SCR 11, Concurrent Resolution Designating Utah Girls in Tech Day, recognizes the underrepresentation of women in technology-related fields.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Ann Millner, encourages more young women to pursue technology-related careers; an area with significant shortages of qualified applicants. March 20 would be designated as “Utah Girls in Tech Day” to help raise awareness of the incredible talent women have to offer the tech industry.

The Women Tech Council, part of the reason for the bill’s existence, wanted to celebrate girls in tech as part of the work they’re doing in recognizing the economic impact of women in driving high growth for the technology sector. Utah has a wealth of opportunities for careers in tech, and the WTC sees “Utah Girls in Tech Day” as a call to action for industry, education, communities and parents to support girls as they make career decisions. The bill passed both the House and Senate, and was sent to the governor for his consideration. You can read or check out audio/video of the bill here.