WSU Announce Plans for Rapid Testing on Campus

November 10, 2020

Utah Senate President J. Stuart Adams joined Weber State University President Brad Mortensen announced the roll-out plans for student COVID-19 rapid testing on Weber State University campus beginning November 16. 

Starting next week, Weber State University is projected to test 500 students daily. The university aims to test all students living or working on campus and those attending in-person classes by Thanksgiving break. 

“I am amazed at what Weber State University has been able to accomplish on such short notice,” said Senate President Adams. “In less than a week, Weber State University set up a process to test students daily. Finding sustainable solutions like increased testing is a vital part of dealing with COVID-19. I am thrilled to see the results of this effort and strongly believe the more we test, the faster we will control the virus.”

Students with a positive test result will receive a call within an hour of being tested, and those with negative results will receive an email by the end of the day. Contact tracing will begin immediately if results are positive.

“Watching everyone on this campus step forward to help in this process has been inspiring,” said Weber State University President Mortensen. “Within 24 hours, over 300 individuals volunteered to help with rapid testing. Increased testing will not only keep everyone on campus safe, but it will also help our students succeed in the classroom and beyond.”

In addition to daily testing on the main campus in Ogden, Weber State University plans to set up testing locations at its satellite campuses. 

“Because of Weber State’s leadership and commitment to keeping our campus safe, we received kits two weeks ago and began testing symptomatic students, faculty and staff,” said Weber State University Director of Public Safety Dane LeBlance. “With the logistics and leadership already in place, we were able to expand our testing quickly in order to support the state’s efforts and help keep campus COVID-19 numbers low.”

Watch the full press conference here. 

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