Pres. Adams Seeking Recommendation

January 21, 2021

The Senate President and Speaker of the House are looking for recommendations for qualified Utahns to serve on the 2021 Utah Independent Redistricting Commission. 

The independent commission will submit redistricting boundary plans to the Utah Legislature for consideration. President Adams and Speaker Wilson will each appoint an individual to the commission as well as jointly appoint a member in the coming weeks. 

Please carefully review the statutorily required qualifications below.


To be a prospective commission member, applicants may not have, during the two-year period immediately preceding the member’s appointment to the commission: 

  • Been affiliated with a political party

  • Voted in the regular primary election or municipal primary election of a political party

  • Been a delegate to a political party convention

  • Been affiliated with a partisan organization or cause

To be considered for the Commission, an individual may not be a lobbyist or a candidate for or holder of any elective office.

Commission members may not be an employee of or a paid consultant for a

  • Political party 

  • Political party committee 

  • Personal campaign committee 

  • Any political action committee affiliated with a political party or controlled by an elected official

A member of the commission is not permitted to serve in public office if the member is appointed by the governor or the Utah Legislature. 

Selected candidates may not be employed by the United States Congress or the Legislature or hold any position that reports directly to any elected official, or to any person appointed by the governor or Legislature to any other public office. 

How to submit an application:

If you or someone you know fit the criteria and would like to be considered to serve on the commission, please email the following information to first and last name, phone number, why you are interested in serving on the commission and a resume

Recommendations are due by January 25, 2021.

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