Utah Senate 2021 art gallery

February 5, 2021

Utah Senate Visual Arts Scholarship Winners
Utah Dreamer by Emma Greally
Under the Coat by Grace Kimber
The Legacy of Utah Women
"Are We There Yet?" by Evelyn Round
Votes For Women by Olivia Adamson
Happy Smiles by Juliette Shamiyan
Stippling Perspective by Abigale Sheley
Only in Utah by Annabel Lee
Fry Sauce by Emily Wiley
The Salt of the Earth by Megan Gee
The Shoulders of a Hero
America's First Female Votes by Jane Wilson
Mask Up Utah by Alicia Zhang
For Those Who Can't by Margot Shepherd
Che Non Mollano Mai (Never Give Up) by Howard Wang
Navajo Past and Present by Solenne Songer
Sun-Stained Arch by Beckham Hale
Spirit of Hope by Abigail Cook
My Great-Grandpa's Old Farmall by Ethan Tingey
Illuminate by Kyla Jackman
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