Official Citation Honoring Utah Highway Patrol

February 14, 2022

Be it hereby made known to all by the Utah State Legislature:

WHEREAS, The Legislature expresses appreciation for Utah Highway Patrol’s dedication, time and commitment to keeping Utahns safe.

WHEREAS, From floor time to committee meetings, the Utah Highway Patrol Troopers can be found in every corner of the Capitol Complex, protecting legislators, staff and the public. Troopers have countered and responded to threats, de-escalated volatile confrontations, maintained order, all while identifying and reducing potential risk to public safety.

WHEREAS, The Utah Highway Patrol Troopers not only keeps the public, legislators, the executive branch and staff safe at the Capitol, they work every day to protect all Utahns across the state, working long hours, responding to critical and life-threatening incidents, and putting themselves in harm’s way with an unwavering commitment to keeping Utah safe.

WHEREAS, Utah Highway Patrol Troopers from every corner of the state have responded to protect our Capitol, despite facing violent riots and being attacked and threatened by the very people they swore to protect.

WHEREAS, On May 30, 2020, Utah Highway Patrol Troopers from every corner of the state responded to protect our Utah State Capitol as violent protesters marched on the Capitol with the intent to do damage and harm. Despite facing violent riots, being attacked and threatened by the very people they swore to protect, Utah Highway Patrol Troopers protected our Capitol every day throughout periods of incivility.

WHEREAS, The past two years have underscored how Utahns rely on these noble public servants who dedicate their lives to helping people in their greatest time of need, oftentimes risking their own lives.

WHEREAS, The state of Utah has the greatest peace officers in the nation. They sacrifice their personal time with family and friends to protect strangers, help those in need and serve their communities.

WHEREAS, The Utah Highway Patrol Troopers’ commitment to helping others is inspiring, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic when many have been disheartened and overwhelmed. Our Troopers are lifting, serving and supporting without expecting recognition or praise, simply doing what is best for others, and honored by the opportunity to serve the people of the great state of Utah.

WHEREAS, Utah Highway Patrol Troopers wear their uniform professionally, with honor and dignity, proudly representing our state. 

WHEREAS, The Legislature recognizes these extraordinary Troopers who have carried out their duties under difficult circumstances and views the Utah Highway Patrol as heroes for their efforts and courage in keeping this great state a safe place for individuals and families.

WHEREAS, Highway Patrol Troopers continue to safeguard our state and the Capitol, rain or shine. 

​​NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN, the Legislature expresses their most profound gratitude for the sacrifices the Utah Highway Patrol has made and continues to make on behalf of all Utahns.

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