Owning Past Mistakes and Taking Second Chances

February 11, 2022

In 1998, Sione Havili of Glendale, Utah, was involved in gang-related activity and was later incarcerated. After paying his debt to society, he was unsure he would find work after the lack of opportunities given his situation. A sympathetic and optimistic tech company employer put his reputation on the line to hire Havili, which led to an entry-level position at Adobe. Havili currently serves in a leadership position at a prominent tech company and advocates for equal opportunities for people looking for jobs after incarceration. Havili said, “it has been my life’s mission to fix my mistakes.” He has never taken that second chance for granted. 

Havili, who was directly impacted by employment difficulties after serving time in the judicial system, accompanied Sen. Derrin Owens as he presented and favorably passed S.B. 95 Limitations on Employer Liability in committee. This bill ensures companies cannot be sued for hiring a previously incarcerated individual without just cause. There was overwhelming public and bipartisan legislative support. The next week, S.B. 95 unanimously passed the Senate. 

On February 10, 2022, 16 individuals who benefited from second chances after serving time joined the Senate on the floor as a citation was read in their honor. “I believe in redemption and second chances,” said Sen. Owens. “These individuals were bold enough to own their past mistakes and offer hope to those still incarcerated.”

Learn more about S.B. 95 in the video below.

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