President Adams and Sen. Escamilla Issue Statements about Sen. Mayne’s Resignation 

January 4, 2023

Today, Sen. Karen Mayne submitted her letter of resignation from the Utah Senate due to health reasons. President J. Stuart Adams and Minority Leader Sen. Luz Escamilla issued the following statements regarding her resignation.

President Adams:

“With grace and tact, Sen. Mayne has navigated difficult circumstances and been a true champion for her district and the state of Utah. I am lucky to call her a dear friend and will miss her wisdom and fortitude in the Senate. 

“Sen. Mayne has been a strong force for bipartisan camaraderie, which has strengthened our state. Throughout her 15 years in the Legislature, she has passionately advocated for impactful change, including workforce safety, economic opportunity and family support. Sen. Mayne’s list of accomplishments on behalf of her constituents and state is long and revered. She is one of the most effective legislators and consistently passes the most bills during sessions. This is a testament to her tenacity, hard work and resilience. Utah has been blessed because of her service. 

“With a heavy heart, I have accepted her letter of resignation. Time and time again, Sen. Mayne has fought and won difficult battles, and I am optimistic she can do the same again.”

Sen. Escamilla:

“Sen. Mayne is the epitome of what true public service and representation is all about. Her dedication to her district and to the people of Utah has been thoughtful, genuine, and kind-hearted every step of the way. She has consistently championed legislation to support the health, well-being, and security of working families throughout the state of Utah. Her extensive legacy is a guiding light for public policy to embrace more compassion, more care, and more attention to the people of Utah.

“Determination to create sincere partnerships with her colleagues to forward the most important business to lift all Utahns was always at the forefront of her work. The meaningful initiatives directed by Sen. Mayne for Utah families, our labor force, Utah Women in Trades, and our veterans will deliver much-needed support for decades to come. Through her years of thoughtful mentorship, Sen. Mayne is an illustration of what effective leadership is all about—precisely what this country needs.

“While we are heartbroken about her resignation, we are rallying behind Sen. Mayne. We look forward to her community-minded efforts continuing to have an impact throughout the state.”

Sen. Mayne’s resignation letter, which is effective January 16, is below.

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