Securing water resources for future generations

February 8, 2024

Water is the lifeline of Utah’s economy, agriculture and communities. The state’s growing population and economy rely on a steady and sustainable water supply. Today, Sen. President J. Stuart Adams is sponsoring S.B. 211 Generational Water Infrastructure Amendments, which creates a state water council to manage water projects with strategic foresight for the entire state.

S.B. 211 enhances coordination for water projects throughout Utah in a significant step toward sustainable water resource management for generations to come. 

“Utah is the best-managed state in the nation for a reason. Through unified action and forward-thinking policies, we can navigate toward a future where water sustains our legacy and fuels Utah’s continual success,” said President J. Stuart Adams. “We need to be prudent in what water we use, mindful in how we preserve it and innovative in how we get more of it. We will work tirelessly to ensure that we continue putting Utahns First and that our grandkids inherit a Utah where the rivers still run, the fields remain fertile and the taps never run dry.”

S.B. 211 Generational Water Infrastructure Amendments

  • A Water District Water Development Council
    • The Water Development Council, comprising the state’s four largest water districts, will strategize on future water demands by meticulously forecasting generational needs, identifying viable water sources and devising implementation pathways.
    • The council will analyze data to make informed recommendations to the Legislature for funding, policy adjustments and infrastructure enhancements where they see the most benefits.
  • Utah Water Agent (liaison)
    • The liaison will coordinate with the council to ensure Utah’s generational water needs are met.

Together, these entities will work with lawmakers to spearhead proactive measures to ensure a resilient and sustainable water future for Utahns – integrating foresight, collaboration and strategic resource allocation into a comprehensive statewide water approach.

Just as early settlers had the foresight to ingeniously manage water resources to establish thriving communities in an arid climate, today, lawmakers are working with the same mindset to ensure Utah has long-term plans for sustainable water access for future generations. Those who planned and built reservoirs in Utah didn’t create them to last for only the next year – they built them to withstand for decades. Utah continues to draw inspiration from the pioneers who built this great state, channeling their spirit of innovative water resource development, infrastructure and conservation.

As the state’s strong economy, beautiful landscapes and family-oriented communities continue to thrive, a consistent water supply that matches Utah’s projected growth is necessary. Solving Utah’s water issues will require collaboration and cooperation, creating innovative policies and programs and continuing conservation efforts. Lawmakers are committed to developing and implementing solutions that meet the diverse water needs of communities today while also planning for the next 100 hundred years of water security, ensuring the state continues on a path of success.

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