Senate Majority Caucus Announces 2024 Session Priorities

December 14, 2023

Utahns all across the state are benefitting from decisions made generations ago by leaders who had a vision for what Utah could become. Those who previously led the state had a forward-thinking mindset to equip future generations with the tools they needed to face challenges head-on and make Utah the envy of the nation. It is visible every day. From wide roads in Salt Lake City to reservoirs scattered across the state to water conservation efforts spanning decades, the foresight of those who led before paved the way for the high quality of life Utahns currently enjoy.

“We’re no stranger to success here in Utah. We have the number one economy, the best state for the middle class, the best economic outlook for 16 years running and the most charitable and happiest state in the nation,” said President J. Stuart Adams. “This success was not created overnight. We will take the same foresight as those before us and continue developing sustainable policies in all areas, ensuring our state and Utahns continue to thrive.”

Now, the responsibility lies with present-day leaders to look to the future and plan for the next century while still focusing on what can be done today to improve Utahns’ lives. The Senate Majority aims to strengthen Utah in a way that sustains the state’s success for generations to come and is ready to take on the challenges of tomorrow today.

“We are focused on putting Utahns first and finding solutions to pressing issues facing our state,” said Senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers. “We are challenging ourselves to answer questions that will impact the next 50 and 100 years, not just the next year or two. We are committed to continue building on the achievements of our forefathers to ensure all Utahns, both today and tomorrow, have opportunities to succeed.”

The 2024 Utah Senate Majority priorities will focus on what can be done today to create long-lasting and enduring prosperity. Priorities include:

  • Progressing toward energy independence
  • Expanding and optimizing water supply and infrastructure
  • Increasing options for affordable housing
  • Addressing the cycle of homelessness
  • Improving roads and transportation
  • Strengthening public safety through criminal justice reform
  • Enhancing innovative education outcomes and programs
  • Maintaining Utah’s strong economy
  • Providing more financial freedom to Utahns through fiscally responsible tax cuts
  • Empowering parents with resources to protect their children against the harms of social media