Utah Legislature Continues to Protect, Conserve and Invest in Statewide Water Resources

February 16, 2024

Over the last two years, the Legislature has invested nearly $1 billion into Utah’s water resources. Local governments, the agricultural community and Utahns across the state have made significant changes to implement water conservation practices. The Utah Legislature is proud of the progress made and remains committed to creating innovative and proactive water policies to secure water for Utah residents, both in years of drought and in years of plenty. 

The following bills seek to protect, conserve and invest in Utah’s water resources.

S.B. 211 Generational Water Infrastructure Amendments (President J. Stuart Adams, Speaker Mike Schultz)

  • Addresses Utah’s long-term need for adequate and reliable water by creating the Water District Water Development Council and a Water Project Executive Agent to plan for and develop generational water infrastructure projects that look 50-75 years into the future.

H.B. 453 Great Salt Lake Revisions (Rep. Casey Snider, Sen. Scott Sandall)

  • Protects the Great Salt Lake by establishing a framework to ensure the investments made in the lake, and conservation efforts by citizens, are safeguarded and dedicated to the lake.

S.B. 118 Water Efficiency Amendments (Sen. Mike McKell, Rep. Calvin Musselman)

  • Creates a grant program to allow a homeowner or developer to receive a grant for the difference in cost between traditional landscaping and xeriscape landscaping on new home construction. 

H.B. 280 Water Related Changes (Rep. Casey Snider)

  • Helps the state address the long-term stability of our water resources by investigating ways we can provide a reliable funding system for water infrastructure projects and a way to prioritize funds to address the most critical projects.

S.B. 18 Water Modifications (Sen. Scott Sandall, Rep. Casey Snider)

  • Allows the agricultural community to save, monetize, and sell their excess water while maintaining their water rights.

H.B. 275 Water Amendments (Rep. Casey Snider, Sen. Scott Sandall)

  • Clarifies who is eligible to receive grant money for water conservation efforts to allow for increased adoption of water efficient infrastructure.