Utah named state with best economic outlook for 16th year in a row

April 13, 2023

Gov. Spencer Cox, President J. Stuart Adams and Speaker Brad Wilson issued the following statement regarding Utah being ranked as the number one state for economic outlook by Rich States, Poor States: ALEC-Laffer State Economic Competitiveness Index for the 16th year in a row: 

“Utah’s economy continues to lead the nation. Strategic policies, smart fiscal decisions and forward-thinking reserve funds, combined with the hard work of Utahns across the state, have placed Utah on top once again. 

“This year, we made generational investments in education, social services, water, housing, transportation and infrastructure while cutting taxes for the third consecutive year. 

“Not only have we weathered recent economic storms, we’ve planned for future uncertainties and downturns. Due to federal government overspending, the nation’s economy is in a precarious position; however, Utah is well-poised to protect its economy and citizens. 

“As our state continues to hit new milestones, we are determined never to become satisfied with our progress. Utah is just getting started. We’ve proved that Utah can rise to the top over and over again – 16 times to be exact.”

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