Senate Majority Caucus Leadership Team & 2023 Session Priorities

November 10, 2022

The Utah Senate Majority Caucus elected their leadership team for the 65th Legislature (2023/24) on Thursday, November 10, and announced session priorities.

Utah Senate Majority Leadership Team:

  • Sen. J. Stuart Adams, R was selected to serve as Senate President
  • Sen. Evan Vickers, R, was selected to serve as Majority Leader
  • Sen. Ann Millner, R, was selected to serve as Majority Whip
  • Sen. Kirk Cullimore, R, was selected to serve as Majority Assistant Whip

The reelected Utah Senate Majority leadership team released the following statement:

“It is an honor and privilege to be selected by our colleagues to the Senate majority leadership team once again. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with legislators in the Senate and the House, as well as the governor, to find solutions to issues that will strengthen our state and help Utahns reach greater personal and economic success. To remain the best economy in the nation, we need to find lasting solutions to Utah’s water crisis, make long-term investments in infrastructure and help individuals and families afford the rising cost of living.

“As a state and nation, we have faced immense challenges over the last few years. We counseled with experts, meticulously reviewed data, heard from the public and deliberated steps to reach the greatest outcomes for all Utahns. As a result, Utah has the best economy in the nation, is the fastest-growing state, ranked first in COVID-19 protocols, and holds the title of Best Economic Outlook for 15 years running.

Additionally, we were able to allocate historic funding for education and social services while cutting taxes for hard-working Utahns.

“Utah’s strong economy is a product of smart, innovative, conservative policies. We will continue to work towards improving the lives of all Utahns while preparing for future challenges. Our commitment to excellent policy drives decisions and will keep Utah moving in a positive upward trajectory. We will continue to meet challenges head-on during the upcoming session and work to find lasting solutions to ensure our state’s growth for generations to come.”

The Senate Majority Leadership team has outlined priorities for the 2023 General Session. 

Senate Majority Leadership Priorities:

  • Increase teacher salaries
  • Find a long-term solution to Utah’s water crisis
  • Cut taxes to offset rising inflation caused by the federal government’s overspending
  • Keep Utah’s economy and thriving business community the best in the nation
  • Sustain Utah’s great quality of life

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